Expand Your Social Network Reach By Giving Away a Free Service or Product

July 13, 2010 by Frank Goley, Business Consultant

Social Networks

Giving away a product or service has long been a tried and true strategy to land more clients and customers. But have you considered combining this strategy with your Social Networking strategy?

Let’s say you are on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. How many connections, friends and followers do you have? Could be thousands, right? Definitely hundreds if you have been doing any social networking at all.  

How about growing your Social Network audience exponentially, maybe ten fold? Interested? I am!

Here is a simple strategy how:

§  Send an email to your followers, friends and connections saying you are giving away a free product or service. As an example, could be a free 30 minute consultation. Just make sure it is a valuable give away.

§  In the email, tell them there is a Catch. There is always a catch, right? Might as well be honest and upfront! Well, the catch in this strategy is two fold:

o    Catch 1: You are giving away this valuable free service or product because if they are pleased with the result, you hope they will share your information with their friends, connections and followers. Basically a “friendly” referral.

o    Catch 2: If they are satisfied with the free offer, you will ask them for a Testimonial on your website.

§  Follow up with your Free “consults” once per month, asking them to refer you to the new friends and connections they may have made in the last 30 days. Give them a free E-book or some valuable information for their business as a “thank you.”

§  Make sure you put all your free “consults” on your RSS Feed and Newsletter list to stay in touch with them and continually give them free and valuable business tools.

That is it! A very simple strategy to grow your business exponentially through the social networks. Basically it is business networking on steroids!

Now many of the free “consults” will not do any business with you, and many may not refer you the right customers or any good number of customers. No matter. This is a numbers strategy, as the exponential growth in your social networks will increase your online presence and certainly bring in fresh prospects and customers. Once you have perfected this system, you can start concentrating on quality and run less of a numbers game. Remember, one quality referrer can bring you lots of quality customers. Think of the possibilities! (you could be giving away business with this strategy because you have too many clients!)

Form your give it way for free social networking strategy today!

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