Four Keys to Obtaining Business Funding in a Recession

July 26, 2010 by Frank Goley, Business Consultant

If you are seeking funding in this recessionary market, then there are 4 Key Areas to pay attention to:

#1 – Business Track Record

Showing how you have run a successful business in the past or had an influential hand in running a successful business is critically important.

#2 – Experience

Detail how you have specific experience for the type of business, customer and market.

#3 – Niche Market Identification

Funders want to know you have narrowed down your customers into a profitable Market Niche which you serve well.

# 4 – Cash Flow

A Cash Flowing business is a much easier sell to a funder.

The KISS acronym applies. Keep it Simple. Apply these four key areas to your business and your funding search will certainly improve. Make sure you have a solid Loan Package and Business Plan to present to funders. Good luck!

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Video Resource:  The Importance of Cash Flow for Bank Finance


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