Forming the Appendix Section of a Business Plan

September 9, 2010 by Frank Goley, Business Consultant

An Often Overlooked but Important Section

The Appendix of a Business Plan can be an overlooked section, but it has a lot of importance and utility. The appendix shows the amount of research, time and detail behind the business plan. It comes last in a business plan, following the Financials Section.

Organize and Reference Your Appendix Materials

As you write a business plan and accumulate resumes, research, contracts, etc, be sure to place them in a pile to be included in the Appendix. Also be sure to reference the materials in the business plan so the reader can refer to them when and as applicable.

Table of Contents

Since an Appendix is often large in volume, it is important to have a table of contents in the beginning of the section, detailing what is contained and where it appears in the Appendix section.

What the Appendix Can Contain

The Appendix Section of a Business Plan contains all the bulky items:  marketing research, construction plans, appraisals, valuations, company art work and graphics, company charters and share details, and so forth. 

Item List for a Business Plan Appendix

The Appendix contains important documents, agreements and voluminous materials that add clarity and detail to your Business Plan.  This list is not all inclusive and should be expanded and customized per your business and business plan requirements.

1)     Detailed Resumes

2)     Customer Testimonial and Recommendation Letters

3)     Future Customer Letters of Intention, Letter of Interest and Memorandums of Understanding.

4)     Reference Letters:  Customers, Suppliers, Bankers, Technical, Former Employers, Partners, etc.

5)     Joint Venture and Strategic Alliance Agreements

6)     Land Purchase Agreements

7)     Product and Service Agreements

8 )     Other Important Agreements

9)     Contracts, Leases and Pre-Sale Commitments

10)  Patent, Trademark, Service Mark, Copyrights, License Agreements

11)  Brochures and Advertising Materials

12)  Industry and Marketing Analysis and Studies

13)  Supporting Articles

14)  Product Line Pictures, Renderings and Illustrations

15)  Facilities and Equipment Pictures and Layouts

16)  Maps and Photos of Business Locations

17)  Construction Plans, TimeLine and Disbursement Schedule

18)  Engineering Studies

19)  Company Registration and Charter

20)  Company Credit Report

21)  Tax Returns:  previous three years

22)  Annual Reports / Quarterly Reposts

23)  Appraisals and Valuations

24)  Feasibility Studies

25)  Prospectus Offering


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