Organic Web Visitors Beat Pay Per Click Visitors

September 28, 2010 by Frank Goley, Business Consultant

While there is a place for online Pay for Click (PPC) advertising (I use it), I find that visitors who come to me organically through the general search engine results are much sticker, more qualified in many respects and have a much higher closing ratio. While I use both PPC and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I find that my SEO efforts have a much better return. Of course this can be a little industry and web visitor specific, but I know this can be applied to many types of businesses, whether 100% online company or a brick and mortar with an online presence. Here is why I like SEO derived web visitors so much.


The General (organic) search engine results tend to be a lot more relevant than the results for the Sponsored Ad area. This way targeted visitors can really find what they need.

More Qualified

I see a lot more non-customer type visits on a percentage basis via the Organic Search results than I do coming via PPC. With PPC, you are paying to qualify them, while with SEO derived visitors, they qualify themselves typically. Therefore the customer acquisition cost and conversion rate for SEO customers is much better than PPC.

PPC and Organics Work Best Together

PPC is definitely worth doing but should be part of the overall SEO Strategy and not the other way around (nor treated separately). PPC actually makes your SEO better and can pick up customers where SEO would cost too much to implement or where you don’t have good SEO results. Also PPC is a great research and testing ground for your SEO Strategy. Very quickly you can determine if a keyword phrase has strong potential.

SEO has a lot more Marketing Flexibility

PPC limits how well you can market to your targeted web audience while SEO offers unlimited possibilities on how to market in the general search engine results. You have much more choices as to titles, keywords and descriptions in the organic search results. Your Online Marketing Strategy ought to include SEO for sure!

General Search Results = Credibility

When a web visitor sees a return in the general results, they tend to put a lot more trust and credibility on it, verses seeing a short, paid for advertisement off to the side. This may be a big reason why SEO visitors convert more profitably.

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